Department of Developmental Disability Neuropsychiatry (3DN)

MySigns – An app to facilitate mental health assessment of people with intellectual disability

Project Main Description

The Department of Developmental Disability Neuropsychiatry has been successful in obtaining a NSW Health Innovation Grant to develop an app that can be used to support mental health assessment of people with intellectual disability and significant communication difficulties. The tool is to be used collaboratively between the person with intellectual disability, their carers and their mental health clinician. 3DN is working closely with a web development agency to produce this resource.

The app catalogues the unique objective mental state indicators for a person with intellectual disability who has difficulties with communication. Carers will use the resource to compile the person’s unique catalogue, adding objective indicators and tagging their subjective correlate (e.g. recording the person’s distinctive moaning that correlates with their feeling of anxiety). Carers also use the app to make a record of the person’s mental state at a given time for review by a clinician in the context of the person’s clinical management.

MySigns aims to shorten appointment times for people with intellectual disability when seeing a mental health clinician, improve assessment accuracy and sensitivity, improve adherence and response to treatment, and provide a more streamlined path through the mental health system. MySigns also aims to reduce stress in all affected users – people with intellectual disability, carers and clinicians.

MySigns is due to launch in early- to mid-2020. 

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