Department of Developmental Disability Neuropsychiatry (3DN)

Information on IDMH

The downloadable PDF’s below relate to the content covered in our e-Learning resource. This resource was designed specifically for professionals working in the disability sector to provide a better understanding of intellectual disability and mental health. You can access the free e-Learning here:

image - Information on IDMHIntroduction to intellectual disability mental health. 










Module 1

image - Information on IDMHHow does mental health knowledge apply to the role of disability professionals










Module 3

image - Information on IDMHTalking about intellectual disability










image - Information on IDMHRisk factors for mental illness in people with intellectual disability








image - Information on IDMHDifficulties people with intellectual disability face in accessing mental health support









Module 5

image - Information on IDMHRecording information about a person’s wellbeing.







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