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Doing an honours project at 3DN offers a chance to develop strong research skills supervised by staff who are passionate about research and the development of future researchers.
Students who graduate with an Honours degree (at least class 2 division 1) in a relevant field from an Australian or New Zealand University are also eligible to apply to the Master by Research or PhD programs in the Faculty of Medicine. For more information on Honours degrees in the Faculty of Medicine at UNSW, including application deadlines, click here.
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Honours student Emily O'Brien
Emily O’Brien is a UNSW medical student who completed an honours project with 3DN in 2014. She was awarded first class honours at the completion of her project. She is particularly interested in the health and wellbeing of family carers for people with intellectual disabilities. Her project looked into factors that contribute to the wellbeing of carers in the SAge-ID study. She also conducted face-to-face interviews with family carers about their experiences with mental health services for people with intellectual disability.
In regards to Emily's time at 3DN she wrote:
"I felt very supported completing my project at 3DN. I gained knowledge and experience about the process of conducting both qualitative and quantitative scientific research and acquired skills using the statistics program SPSS. Most importantly I learned a lot about the lives of carers of people with intellectual disability, and hope to take this insight away with me in my future career. The team at 3DN provided me with all the resources I needed including access to a psychologist with statistical expertise. They encouraged me to present my work at in-service meetings and to be involved with student research groups within UNSW. I gained confidence in both conducting research and also presenting research to peers and professionals."

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