Department of Developmental Disability Neuropsychiatry (3DN)

Launch of 3DN’s new podcast series

Image - Launch of 3DN’s new podcast series

3DN has launched two podcast series on responsible psychotropic prescribing to people with an intellectual disability. The podcasts can be freely accessed on the 3DN website. These new podcasts aim to educate health and mental health professionals on how to recognise mental illness in people with an intellectual disability; when to prescribe psychotropic medication; and how to institute, monitor and discontinue treatment. The podcasts have been developed for medical and mental health professionals including psychiatrists, paediatricians and mental health nurses. They would also be beneficial for mainstream mental health professionals who want to improve their practice when working with people with an intellectual disability and co-occurring mental ill-health.

The podcasts belong to a wider suite of resources on Positive Cardiometabolic Health for People with Intellectual Disability, including an early intervention framework; online resources for clinicians, carers and people with intellectual disability; and new e-Learning modules. All resources can be accessed from the 3DN website at:

3DN would like to thank everyone who participated in the production of the podcasts.

Date Published
Friday, August 18, 2017

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